As a Book Club Member, you will be able to borrow any of our books, DVDs or CDs, rather than purchase them.  There are several benefits to this:


  • SAVINGS FOR YOU!  For most materials, it costs much less to borrow than to buy.

  • LESS CLUTTER FOR YOU!  Let's face it, after you finish a book or listen to a teaching, it winds up sitting on a shelf somewhere in your home collecting dust.  Who needs more dust collectors?

  • MORE MATERIALS FOR YOU!  The fee you pay to borrow one item can be used by Born Again Books to purchase other items, thus increasing the materials available for your use.

  • AVAILABLE FOR OTHERS!  If you purchase an item, that item is no longer available for the next person.  But bringing it back after you have read or listened to it gives others the opportunity to be blessed by it, too.  Share the excitement!


We offer 3 types of Book Club memberships.  Choose the one that's right for you and come in to join TODAY!

Monthly cost: free!


So, you're not sure about all this God stuff.  Or maybe you already know the Lord quite well, but you're not so sure about Born Again Books.  Do we have materials that you would be interested in?  Would you be able to come in on a regular basis?  Before making any monthly commitments, you just want to check it out.  In that case, a SEEKER Membership is the one for you!




You are serious about drawing closer to God and you see that we have materials here to help you do just that.  Awesome! Our DISCIPLE membership will help keep you focused and growing in your walk with the Lord!

monthly cost:


kingdom builder

You are excited about God and what He is doing in the world.  You are hungry to know more and you want others to know, too.  You want to see His Kingdom multiply throughout our region. You are a KINGDOM BUILDER!


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