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church issues & LEADERSHIP

In today's increasingly morally toxic environment, with public sins as blatant as same-sex marriage and abortion, the author believes that the most critical and compassionate responsibilities of the church are to warn and call our society back to the Lord.  True love and compassion impel us; God commands us.

A Compassionate Roar

by John Anderson

Author Mark Lawson believes that churches must turn back to the Book of Acts and rebuild God's Kingdom on the foundation of Jesus.  His Kingdom is based on a lifestyle - not a building or the latest Charismatic or Evangelical fad.

It's the End of the Church as We Know It

by Marc Lawson

The Culture of Silence has betrayed victims of abuse for generations.  This book exposes the sin of sexual abuse in the Church and gives clear guidelines in dealing with offenders, victims and their families.

Tear Down This Wall

by Dale Ingraham

Drawing on two decades of experience mentoring a rising generation, seasoned visionary Andy Stanley shows how to:

  • Discover and play to your strengths

  • Harness your fears

  • Leverage uncertainty

  • Maintain moral authority

  • Enlist a leadership coach

Embracing these essential, you will not only excel in your personal leadership, but also ensure a no-regrets experience for those who choose to follow you.

Next Generation Leader

by Andy Stanley

Attitude is Everything. Attitudes can affect your success spiritually as well as naturally.  A proper attitude cand etermine whether you win or lose.  Robyn Gool explains how you should view leaders in the church and throughout your spiritual life.  Discover the power and the blessing that accompany a positive attitude!

Proper Attitudes Toward Leadership

by Robyn Gool

What is It, and how can you and your ministry get - and keep - It?  Employing real-life examples and thought-provoking discussion questions, this lively book will challenge church leaders and people in the pews alike to seek out and maintain the spiritual balance that results from experiencing It in their lives.


by Craig Groeschel

Does God have a favorite house? Man seeks God encounters at what he calls "God's house", but God seeks man encounters at what He calls "man's house".  Remember the names: :Moses' Tabernacle, David's Tabernackle, Solomon's Temple.  God has searched for earth for intimate worship since the Garden of Eden.

What would happen if the ancient patterns and blueprints were rediscovered?  What if the anointed practices were refreshed and restored? If we could rebuild that house, would He come?

God's Favorite House

by Tommy Tenney

If you are skeptical about - yet intrigued by - the issue of spiritual power for today, Charles Kraft provides a biblical, reasonable apologetic for a realm too often overlooked.  He describes his own paradigm shift concerning the power of Jesus to heal and free others, and explains persuasively why every Christian should be confronted with this 'missing dimension'.  This book will inspire a more robust faith that is powerful enough to heal, to free people from emotional wounds and to bring about real life change.

Confronting Powerless Christianity

by Charles H. Kraft

Christianity has an image problem.  Christians are supposed to represent Christ in the world.  But according to the latest report card, something has gone terribly wrong.  Using descriptions like 'hypocritical," "insensitive," and "judgmental," young Americans share an impression of Christians that's nothing short of.... unChristian.

Find out why these negative perceptions exist, learn how to reverse them in a Christlike manner, and discover practical examples of how Christians can positively contribute to culture.


by David Kinnaman

Our best efforts will not stop the flood of problems in our cities if we remain isolated from each other.  In a season where external forces are causing disunity and division, the author calls us back to oneness with Christ, and through Him oneness with other Christians.  With the character and power of Christ in our midst, the Church can again bring transformation to ouur communities, our nation and the world.

When the Many Are One

by Francis Frangipane

In this ground-breaking book, aclaimed researcher and author George Barna identifies and analyzes the seven major 'faith tribes' in America.  He reveals what they believe, what they are passionate about, and how they are shaping our country's future. 

The Seven Faith Tribes

by George Barna

This book is a must-read for Christians who are serious about making a difference in their world and impacting their culture.  Brad clearly grasps the reality that God - not simply the Church - is at the heart of the Christian worldview.  The principles found here give practical handles for how to biblically stand and be counted in the midst of a confused and conflicted culture.

God is the Issue

by Brad Bright



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